The article”Looking at the Unusual Beauty and Other Special Characteristics of Akhalteke Horses” about the book ” My passion for Akhaltekes” was written in www. LitFirePublishing.com, a firm which represented this book in the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair held at Frankfurt Trade Fair Grounds in Germany.




From the deserts of Central Asia, Akhalteke horses ride resplendent above the sea of sand. This breed of equines is famous for their speed, endurance, intelligence, and  their unique trait—the yellow, metallic gleam caused by their Palomino genes. Many cultures consider them divine, some calling them Argamaks (Russians), and some—like China’s Han Dynasty—would go so far as to sacrifice armies just to obtain some of these  horses. A golden Akhalteke galloping across the horizon like a streak of golden lightning is indeed an incredible sight.


My Passion for Akhaltekes, Written by Author Tito Pontecorvo is a captivating 360-page book that brings to light the beauty of Akhalteke horses. This 12.4 inches x 12 inches ( 31 cm x 30 cm) coffee table book contains 300 full page color photos of 100 different pure-blood Akhalteke horses showing their anatomy, type and movements. The photos are grouped according to 10 different lines of Akhalteke horses with each photo covering essential information, including the name, pedigree, birth year, and to which line it belongs to.  Uniting the photos in groups helps to see the difference of some details in the anatomy and the type of horses belonging to different lines( inbreed types).


The book also features a separate section, “For the lovers of the Akhalteke horses,” that highlights 120 of the best photos in the author’s distinctive choise. This chapter displays the most outstanding, unusual beauty of the horses, allowing readers to feel the refined taste of the people who lived in Central Asia many  thousand years ago and gave birth to a new pure blood breed – the Akhalteke , which, as a matter of fact , is an alive work of art. The book provides  essential peculiarity such as scientific and statistic information about different inbreed types (lines), how to train and raise them properly emphasizing on their tremendous possibilities and potential in various kinds of equestrian sports, the results of crossing Akhaltekes with other breeds ,and other.


This manuscript is the largest when ever written book about Akhalteke horses with new , never introduced before, scientific information based on the result of the author”s 36 years work with the Akhalteke horses. Because of the huge quantity of various information in this book, it was classify by the LitFirePublishing professionals like a encyclopaedia of the Akhalteke breed.


With his passion and practice for more than 30 years on various fields related to the horses of the Akhalteke breed, Author Tito Pontecorvo created a very bright work of art that showcases both scientific information and beautifully captured photos that will surely entice not only horse breeders, but people who enjoy  beauty, love, harmony and the arts.