New Victory Of Horses Of The Akhal-Teke Breed – The Pride Of Turkmen Nation

In the history of the International Equestrian Sport there were a lot of horses of the Akhal-Teke breed- stars of the highest level . In 2014 , Latina , Italy took place a huge competition between the best equestrian circuses of the world.

That was another stunning victory of the Akhal-Teke horses – the Turkmenian Equestrian Circus Galkynysh with their Turkmen riders on their Akhal-Teke horses conquer all the major prizes.


Group of Dzhigits of national horse games of “Galkynysh” – the winners of the International festival of circus art in Italy 

XVI International festival of the circus art which has passed in the Italian city Latina has come to the end with a triumphal victory of Turkmen Dzhigits of group of national horse games of “Galkynysh” of the Akhalteke horse complex of the President of Turkmenistan. Having acted with tremendous success, Turkmen jockeys have been recognised as stars of world size. During final gala concert under an enthusiastic applause of spectators it had been handed over the main prize of competition – a gold cup of “Latina-2014”, and also festival prizes «Di Albacete», «Consegina il Premo», «Comune Di Latina» and the diploma of Akhalteke association of Italy.

The international circus festival in the Latina «International Circus Festival «City of Latina» is a unique circus festival in Italy which is conducted annually and is one of the most prestigious in the world. This year actors of various genres from 20 countries took part in it. Their skills estimated the international jury consisting of heads of the largest circuses of today, leading experts and recognised stars of circus art.

Acting on magnificent Akhalteke racers, group “Galkynysh” has shown the highest level of skills. Without any insurance, jumping on a back of a rushing horse, making the most complicated acrobatic tricks, revolutions under horse’s body and again flying up in a saddle, doing many-tier pyramids, our horsemen continuously broke an applause of spectators, without giving it a respite from amazement and admiration. As a result, having subdued both professionals and exacting Italian public, Turkmen jockeys at summarising have been recognised the best in all nominations, having received a special gratitude of members of a judiciary board.

Having received competition awards, Turkmen Dzhigits with pride and enthusiasm addressed to the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov immense gratitude for strong support and care of development of Turkmen horse breeding, underlining that they devote a present victory to a coming nearer main holiday of the country – to Day of sacred independence of Fatherland.

From the most basis at the initiative of the head of the Turkmen state horse-racing group “Galkynysh” with honour bears the mission assigned to it: to popularise in the world a nation rich heritage, which not passing property and pride are legendary Akhalteke racers. Having won unconditional love of Turkmen people, group “Galkynysh” continues to submit and the most exacting foreign public, the certificate to that steels its brilliant tour rounds in Ukraine, Belarus, China, and also triumph at the World festival of circus art in Moscow (Russian Federation) in October, 2013. We will remind that there our skilful equestrians, being debutants of this prestigious review, also have received the main prize and whole “bouquet” of special awards – from experts of circus art, the press and spectators. After this impressing victory Turkmen actors have received set of invitations to the well-known international competitions.

The next loud success of our Dzhigits who by their  performances have produced the present furore in Italy, – one more significant step on a way of the statement of Turkmenistan as the large international centre of horse breeding and equestrian sport. It is concrete result of a purposeful policy of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov on revival of primordial traditions of the Turkmen people, under the direction of the national leader confidently going to new heights of progress.