Training & Sport (Photos, Videos, Etc)

Training and Sport

All of the young horses in the stables belonging to Tito Pontecorvo go through specialized training, the point of which is to single out the horses that have the talent for jumping. This training includes a lot of work on the cavaletti in a round pen.

Dolomit(Mamuk/Daugava, Aksakal line)

Kogan (Koshili – Gerel,Karlavach line)

In a period of three months the work time on the cavaletti in the round pen is carefully increased from a starter time of 2 min. to 30 min. (see our gallery) Of course, it is an obligation to work the same amount of time on both directions. Two to three times a week every horse trains on the shpringarten (jumping chute), and when the horse seems ready to go higher, the height of the jumps is carefully increased (see our gallery).

Mostly all of the videos in this “Training and Sport” section are filmed of everyday training sessions. Tito Pontecorvo: “I filmed not only the good moments, but also the bad ones.” The trainer and rider in these videos is Pavel Sergeev – A member of the Russian Olympic Equestrian Team.

Kogan (Koshili – Gerel,Karlavach line)

Kogan (Koshili – Gerel,Karlavach line)

Kogan (Koshili – Gerel,Karlavach line)

The horses that perform sloppy on the light concour jumps are trained on the heavy jumps that are used for three day events (for safety the bars are not nailed). From our experience we have noticed that after we start to train the young horses on the heavy three day event jumps, when we go back to the light concour jumps, these horses start to jump very carefully (see our gallery). When we train the horses under the saddle we actively use gymnastic exercises-groups of not-so-high jumps that come one after the other (see our gallery).

Grom (Gigant – Mippa) Guelishikli line

Helm (Melesur – Hanbibi) Yel line

Kogan and Grom gymnastics

Stallion Arbalet in the 3-day event competition for young horses in Monterrey, Mexico


Arbalet (from Amelit and Abrai), under the saddle of Pavel Sergeev who is now a member of the Olympic team of Russia, competed in the three day event in preliminary class in Camino and Pine Hill, Texas and got the 1st and 4th places (see our gallery).

Arbalet and Gigar jumping

Arbalet on the 3-day event cross

Arbalet on the cross and dressage

Arbalet – Dressage Training for competing in 3-day event competitions

Arbalet – Dressage Training for competing in 3-day event competitions

Arbalet Dressage and Helm Jumping

Tito Pontecorvo’s horses successfully compete not only in breed shows, but in classic types of horse sport.

Kogan (Koshili – Gerel,Karlavach line) and Susan Hutchison

Helm and Kogan


Kogan and Grom


Kogan (from Koshili and Gerel), under the saddle of a top jumper Susan Hutchinson, took 1st places in the sixth level in Indio and Oaks, California (see our gallery).

Helm (from Melesur and Hanbibi) performed extremely well under the saddle of the famous rider and trainer in dressage Kathleen Rain in California. See our gallery for many more talented horses.

Stallion Helm (Melesur – Hanbibi) Yel Line



Helm and Grom

Helm and Grom

Galambia is a dun mare from Melesur and Galatea, El line.

Mare Galambia(Melesur/Galateia) on the cross (Championatchip of Russia for the young horses: rider-master Olga Borisenko. The 2003 champion of Russia among the young horses in the 3 day events was mare Galambia (Melesur/Galateia)

Bugar is a black stallion from Gvozdika and Beduin. The International Commitee that was working in Russia came to the decision that the best 3-day event horse in Russia in 2004 is stallion Bugar(Beduin/Gvozdika) That was born in Tito Pontecorvo’s stables.

8 years old stallion Grom (Gigant/Mippa) Line Guelishikli – Very typical horse with a smooth and productive gallop, son of the famous Gigant. This horse is very well rounded, because he showed very nice results in several types of sport. Below we have videos where you can see how he jumps. In dressage he was performing in the second level with very nice results(see photos) He is very smart and honest.

Grom and Gigar

Grom, Helm, and Kogan

10 year old stallion Buian (Beduin/Iakti) Guelishikli line, is a very strong jumper. He was first in a number of prestigious competitions.

Mest is a mare from Munir and Atabaska, Aksakal line. The 7 years old mare Mest (Munir/Atabaska) in the endurance competitions in 2000 and 2001 showed very nice results: In the race of 30 kilometers she was the first and in the race of 145 kilometers she was 8th.

In June 2004 in Dubna (Moskow reg.) in the race of 30 kilometers on the first place was Yagmir,and on the 3-d place was Moment

From the 19th-21th of August 2005 the World Championship of Pure Blood Akhalteke Horses was held. And once again the horses from the stables of Tito Pontecorvo performed wonderfully.  The first place in the 30 km race was taken by stallion Moment (Melesur-Mippa, Iel line)

In the competitions for the Prise Caprilli, the second place was taken by Ienchik in the 2003 World Championship.

The stallion Grog (Gigant-Gera, Guelishikli line) came in 3rd in the Jumping Competition.

Like before the horses from the stables of Tito Pontecorvo are placing high in different types of sport. In San Antonio, Texas, in September 2005, the stallion Helm (Melesur-Hanbibi, Iel line) placed 3rd in the third level in dressage while competing against 18 well trained horses.