Alexander Klimuk

Alexander Klimuk, one of the leading horse breeders of Russia, states in his paper titled “The Purebred Akhalteke Horse And Its Influence On Other Purebred Breeds” (published in Ashkhabat, Turkmenistan in January, 1999, in “The Akhalteke Quarterly”)

“The ancient origin of the Akhalteke horses was first discovered and proved inRussia only a little bit more than 100 years ago in the work of professor B. Fisov, in his article “Turkestan And The Turkestan Horse Breed” (published inSt. Petersburg, in 1895, in The Journal Of Horse Breeding). Since then this issue was developed further by the works of Braunder, Kovalevsky, Afanasyev, Vitt, Lipping, Salikhov, Belonogov, Kovalevska et al. For the horse breeders in theSoviet Union it already long ago has become an axiom that the Akhalteke is the world’s oldest pureblood breed. It’s known from Herodot that the best horses of ancient times were from the Massadete and the Parthian people. Parthian horses were often called Nisaiene after the capitol of the Parthian empire Nyssa, the ruins of which are found nearAshkhabat,Turkmenistan.” st=”on”>U.S., its proven itself elsewhere.”