Susan Hutchison

Susan HutchinsonSusan Hutchison is one of the world’s top show jumping riders. She states “For several months I have had the pureblood Akhalteke horse Kogan in training for Tito Pontecorvo. Although he is green, he shows great characteristic, has a super spring off the ground when jumping and displays enough stride and scope to take him all the way. Kogan has the heart and sensitivity of a thoroughbred, which is something I am very fond of. It is my opinion, that in the middle of the 80’s we in America went too« warm blood crazy and it has just been in: the last five years that we are starting a swing back direction. The Europeans used stallions like Lucky Boy, Lady Killer, Morlon, for example y all thoroughbreds. They were headed in the correct direction as we were going wrong. I had the privilege of going to Texas to sec many of Tito’s pureblood Akhalteke horses and I feel this is a horse we need to pay attention to. It has stamina, the heart of a lion and many with nice conformation. In the jump chute they all appeared to be careful enough without the warmblood spook more logical thoroughbred spook. I say “Heads up” to this old proven breed – the Akhalteke. Although new in the U.S., its proven itself elsewhere.”