Elena Petushkova

Elena PetushkovaElena Petushkova, Olympic champion, world champion, vice president of the Russian Federation of Horseback Riding Sport, bureau member of the International Federation of Horseback Riding Sports

“The farm created by Tito Pontecorvo can be called an oasis in the economy desert surrounding us in Russia. In few words one can say about Akhalteke horses that they are unusually intelligent, graceful, and elegant like ballerinas; they exhibit a cat’s elasticity and an astonishing plasticity of movements. All these unique characteristics have permitted Akhalteke horses to become champions in numerous competitions in jumping and dressage. Thus, for example the Akhalteke Absent was champion of the Rome Olympic Games led by Sergey Filatov. Akhalteke horses are extremely hard working, with persons whom they trust”.