Tatiana Riabova

Tatiana Riabova

Tatiana Riabova (The president of the Russian Association of Akhalteke Horse Breeding) states in her article “The History of Using the English Thoroughbred Blood in the Akhalteke Breed” in “The Akhalteke Quarterly” in January 1999 “In only the 18th and 19th centuries more than 200 pureblood, very high class Akhalteke stallions were imported to England. In the Stud Book of English thoroughbred stallions (look at Von Ettingem) 15% of the stallions used for the development of thoroughbred racing horses were originally from Turkmenistan.”


“The Akhaltekes have worked hard for their place in the spotlight. They had to break all the conservatism surrounding their small and rare breed. In this difficult fight, the outstanding work of Tito Pontecorvo has been of great importance.”

“Pontecorvo’s Akhaltekes have begun to win over America: First in Dressage, then in the Three Day Event, and then in Concur. Tito has always tried to put his horses in the hands of worthy professionals. We have already written on the pages of Almanac(2003) about the success of Kagan (Koshili-Gerel, Karlavach line) with Susan Hutchinson in Concur. Helm (Melesur-Hanbibi, Iel line), who is also very well known in the U.S., has also performed very successfully in dressage with different riders. Arbalet (Amelit-Abrai, Gelishikli line), under the saddle of Pavel Sergeev who is a gold medalist and Champion of Russia in the Three Day Event, was highly noted by and recieved high marks from professionals while performing in the Three Day Event. Grom (Gigant-Mippa, Geleshikli line) has performed just as wonderfully in the Endurance Race.”

Tatyana Riabova, “Tito and his Akhaltekes”, Akhal-Teke Inform (2004)


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